When you go for a walk in the city
you might see the wonderful
and forever elegant «Queen of Frankfurt».

She is usually dressed in a couture gown
made from the seven herbs of the «Grie Soß».
Today her outfit is completed by egg-earrings,
a belt made of potatoes and a green tiara.

Close to the bridge «Eiserner Steg»,
next to the beautiful «Bembel Flowers»
she takes her puppies «Bull and Bear» for a walk.

Her favourite spots in the city
are the «New Old Town» behind the «Römer»,
the »Palmengarten» and the many museums
«Dribbdebach» – on the other side of the river.

While a plane from «Bembel Air»
flys to an unknown destination,
she sips her «Äppler» at the «Maincafé».

The bright «Euro-Sun» settles
between the shiny bank towers
that create the beautiful skyline
– our «Frankfurt Mainhattan».

Anna Schwarzer

Animated Illustration «Queen of Frankfurt»
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